How to raise money for EBFC Youth in your daily life with no effort or donation!

Sometimes raising money for a charity you love isn’t very quick and easy. It’s tempting not to bother if it’s all too much faffing about! But now there is a new way – and it’s super easy. It’s called GoRaise. You can raise money for EBFC Youth with zero effort and without it costing you a penny!

GoRaise helps you raise money for EBFC Youth from your online shopping bill (without you having to remember to go to any special website first!). There are over 3,000 partner retailers that will donate to EBFC Youth just because you shopped on their site (remember you don’t actually make a donation yourself).

So this means you can fundraise while booking a holiday via Expedia, buying everyday essentials from Tesco, ordering a takeaway on Just Eat, Christmas shopping at Argos and ebay, buying a jacket on ASOS, selecting DIY products from B&Q, purchasing travel insurance from Saga and much more!

All you have to do is visit and select to support EBFC Youth. Then set up your account with your name, email and password.  This takes less than a minute! Then follow very simple instructions to set up an automatic ‘donation reminder’ on your laptop/PC to ensure you never miss the opportunity to raise funds. It’s very quick and easy. From then on it takes one click on a pop up alert message to donate as you shop. Brilliant isn’t it?

So now, if you ever need any justification for that extra item in your shopping basket, you can feel satisfied that it is worth it because you are fundraising to help your community in East Sussex! We’re waiting to hear when they are releasing their app so for the moment you can only do this on a desktop.

Instructions on how to set up GoRaise

Go to

On the home page type in Eastbourne Borough Football Club Youth  as shown below and click go.

Now register your details you only need a Name, Email Address and Password… It’s as easy as that!

Your important donation reminder!

Next you need to ensure that you never forget to raise money by having a handy donation reminder just before you are about to ‘Checkout’!  Click on the Donation Reminder link and follow the instructions.


After it has been set up, the GoRaise icon will appear in the top right corner of your internet browser as shown below. Every time you buy online in a relevant store, you will get an alert to just click on the Activate Donation button. Simple.

Whoever thought raising money as part of your day to day life could be so easy?

So please GoRaise for Now! Charity. Your support is hugely appreciated.